MathJax Configuration Converter

This tool will convert a MathJax version 2 configuration to a corresponding MathJax version 3 configuration. Copy and paste your MathJax.Hub.Config() or window.MathJax = {}; configuration block into the text area at the right, enter the configuration file you are using (and any other parameters) in the input area below it, and press the Convert button. The version 3 configuration will be displayed in the area indicated, and any comments about what could not be converted will be displayed below that.

Not all version 2 features have been implemented yet in version 3 (e.g., linebreaking, some TeX extensions, font selection for the various output formats, etc.), and some may not be available at all (e.g., v3 does not produce processing messages, so the options that control those are not available); these will be indicated in the comments section.

Version 3 uses ES6 promises rather than version 2's signals and queues, so if your configuration includes MathJax.Hub.Register.StartupHooks() or similar calls, these will have to be replaced by promises; this converter does not convert those calls, so you should not include them here. See the documentation for more details on how to deal with such calls.

If this tool fails to produce a correct configuration, please report the issue in the MathJax issue tracker, and include your configuration and the combined configuration file that you included in the input areas at the right.

Version 2 configuration:


Version 3 configuration: