This example shows how to create a component that combines several of the predefined components into one single custom component that includes exactly the pieces that you want.

The main code for the component is

which contains comments describing it in detail. In order to use the component in your web pages, you must turn this into a MathJax component file, which you do by first defining the component using the file

which gives the name of the component along with some other data about directories. The final directory being set to '.' means that the component will be placed in the directory with the source file, but with .min.js as the extension rather than ‘.js’.

To make the final component, use the commands

npm install
mpn run make-custom-component

from the main directory of this repository. That will create the custom-component.min.js file in the custom-component directory.

To use this in your own web page, you only need one line:

  <script src="custom-component.min.js" id="MathJax-script" async></script>

(include the path to the custom-component.min.js file if needed). You can still use a MathJax configuration in your web page, or you could put

global.MathJax = {

before the first require() command in custom-component.js to include the configuration in the combined file itself.

Run the example